Kadpro Framework

What is the Kadpro Framework?

My business Kadpro (Knowledge & Design Professionals) is working on something exciting for AEC clients (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction). I have extensive experience in this field from 13 years of structural design and drafting. The AEC businesses have a hard time these days, tight deadline, small budgets, and lots of competition. They are fighting tooth and nail to get a project out on time and budget.

Due to economic conditions, this has been an increasing problem over the last ten years. Everyone is underbidding each other, fighting their way to down to nothing, just to retain staff and market dominance.

This shit fight (excuse my wording) puts massive strain within these organisations. Staff are often left to pick up the pieces, spending unpaid overtime meeting project deadlines and budgets. Usually, this leaves staff hard done by and promotes an increase in staff turnover.

I wanted to create a solution or at least a partial solution to these ongoing issues with the industry. Using my web development business to help these organisations create better internal processes and project management. We decided to develop a seemless self-hosted or cloud-based software solution.

Where is it at?

Currently, Kadpro is building the core features of this solution, making it dynamic and customisable. We want to provide each company with a tailored solution that suits its particular business need. The core will be released as a foundation of the system, submitting proposals, invoicing, projects, staging, and task management.

Once we are confident in beta version, we will start to roll this out as an addition to our standard brand elevating websites. We will provide two main options, self-hosted under the clients existing domain or in our cloud hosting environment.

There are some significant challenges to overcome, but our focus is on providing clients and their staff with more time to do billable work.


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